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Title:   Fast Accurate Simulation of Large Shared Memory Multiprocessors 100
  Author(s):   Boothe, Bob      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-682  

Title:   Robust and Efficient Surface Intersection for Solid Modeling 100
  Author(s):   Hohmeyer, Michael Edward      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-681  

Title:   Visibility Computations in Polyhedral Three-Dimensional Environments 100
  Author(s):   Teller, Seth J.    Sequin, Carlo H.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-680  

Title:   A New Approach to I/O Performance Evaluation -- Self-Scaling I/O Benchmarks, Predicted I/O Performance 100
  Author(s):   Chen, Peter M.    Patterson, David A.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-679  

Title:   PAGODA: A Model for Autonomous Learning in Probabilistic Domains 100
  Author(s):   desJardins, Marie Ellen      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-678  

Title:   Mathematical Findings on Artificial Neural Nets and Their Physical Meaning 100
  Author(s):   Kim, Han-gyoo      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-677  

Title:   An On-Line Computational Model of Human Sentence Interpretation: A Theory of the Representation and Use of Linguistic Knowledge 100
  Author(s):   Jurafsky, Daniel      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-676  

Title:   Active Messages: a Mechanism for Integrated Communication and Computation 100
  Author(s):   von Eicken, Thorsten    Culler, David E.    Goldstein, Seth Copen    Schauser, Klaus Erik      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-675  

Title:   Designing Synchronous Algorithms for Asynchronous Processors 100
  Author(s):   Subramonian, Ramesh      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-674  

Title:   An O(log n) Time Common CRCW PRAM Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Tree 100
  Author(s):   Subramonian, Ramesh      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-673  

Title:   RAID-II: A Scalable Storage Architecture for High-Bandwidth Network File Service 100
  Author(s):   Lee, Edward K.    Chen, Peter M.    Hartman, John H.    Drapeau, Ann L. Chervenak    Miller, Ethan L.    Katz, Randy H.    Gibson, Garth A.    Patterson, David A.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-672  

Title:   Defining Hypermedia: The Essential Elements 100
  Author(s):   Harrison, Michael A.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-671  

Title:   Active Documentation for VLSI Design 100
  Author(s):   Silva, Mario J.    Chieuh, Tzi-cker    Katz, Randy H.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-670  

Title:   Stabbing Oriented Convex Polygons in Randomized O(n^2) Time 100
  Author(s):   Teller, Seth J.    Hohmeyer, Michael E.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-669  

Title:   Augmenting a Programming Language with Complex Arithmetic 100
  Author(s):   Kahan, W.    Thomas, J. W.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-667  

Title:   Computing the Antipenumbra of an Area Light Source 100
  Author(s):   Teller, Seth J.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-666  

Title:   Computing the Lines Piercing Four Lines 100
  Author(s):   Teller, Seth J.    Hohmeyer, Michael E.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-665  

Title:   Functional Optimization for Fair Surface Design 100
  Author(s):   Moreton, Henry P.    Sequin, Carlo H.      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-664  

Title:   Guaranteed Performance Communication in High Speed Networks 100
  Author(s):   Verma, Dinesh Chandra      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-663  

Title:   Connectivity Properties of Matroids 100
  Author(s):   Mihail, Milena    Sudan, Madhu      
  Report ID:   CSD-92-662  

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