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Title:   Berkeley CMT Media Playback API 100
  Author(s):   Jackson, MacDonald Hall      
  Report ID:   CSD-97-935  

Title:   Computing the Singular Value Decomposition with High Relative Accuracy 100
  Author(s):   Demmel, James    Gu, Ming    Eisenstat, Stanley    Slapnicar, Ivan    Veselic, Kresimir    Drmac, Zlatco      
  Report ID:   CSD-97-934  

Title:   A Model For Speedup of Parallel Programs 100
  Author(s):   Downey, Allen B      
  Report ID:   CSD-97-933  

Title:   Supporting Fine-Grained Data Lineage in a Database Visualization Environment 100
  Author(s):   Woodruff, Allison    Stonebraker, Michael      
  Report ID:   CSD-97-932  

Title:   T0 Engineering Data 100
  Author(s):   Asanovic, Krste    Beck, James      
  Report ID:   CSD-97-931  

Title:   Torrent Architecture Manual 100
  Author(s):   Asanovic, Krste    Johnson, David      
  Report ID:   CSD-97-930  

Title:   Using Queue Time Predictions for Processor Allocation 100
  Author(s):   Downey, Allen B.      
  Report ID:   CSD-97-929  

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