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Title:   Thin Junction Tree Filters for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping 100
  Author(s):   Paskin, Mark A.      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1198  

Title:   MOPS: an Infrastructure for Examining Security Properties of Software 100
  Author(s):   Chen, Hao    Wagner, David      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1197  

Title:   Efficient Reconstruction of Haplotype Structure via Perfect Phylogeny 100
  Author(s):   Eskin, Eleazar    Halperin, Eran    Karp, Richard M.      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1196  

Title:   Large Scale Recovery of Haplotypes from Genotype Data using Imperfect Phylogeny 100
  Author(s):   Halperin, Eran    Eskin, Eleazar      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1195  

Title:   On the Clustering of Web Content for Efficient Replication 100
  Author(s):   Chen, Yan    Qiu, Lili    Chen, Weiyu    Nguyen, Luan    Katz, Randy H.      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1193  

Title:   Handling the Complexities of a Real-World Language: A Harmonia Language Module for C 100
  Author(s):   McCamant, Stephen      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1192  

Title:   Task-Based Speed and Voltage Scheduling on Windows 2000 100
  Author(s):   Lorch, Jacob R.    Smith, Alan Jay      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1191  

Title:   Using User Interface Event Information in Dynamic Voltage Scaling Algorithms 100
  Author(s):   Lorch, Jacob R.    Smith, Alan Jay      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1190  

Title:   Route Flap Damping Exacerbates Internet Routing Convergence 100
  Author(s):   Mao, Zhuoqing Morley    Govindan, Ramesh    Varghese, George    Katz, Randy H.      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1189  

Title:   A Conceptual Model and a Metaphor of Everyday Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing Environments 100
  Author(s):   Lederer, Scott    Dey, Anind K.    Mankoff, Jennifer      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1188  

Title:   Flexible and Robust Large Scale Multicast Using i3 100
  Author(s):   Lakshminarayanan, Karthik    Rao, Ananth    Stoica, Ion    Shenker, Scott      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1187  

Title:   Host Mobility Using an Internet Indirection Infrastructure 100
  Author(s):   Zhuang, Shelley    Lai, Kevin    Stoica, Ion    Katz, Randy    Shenker, Scott      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1186  

Title:   Why Do Internet Services Fail, and What Can Be Done About It? 100
  Author(s):   Oppenheimer, David      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1185  

Title:   User Interaction Design for Secure Systems 100
  Author(s):   Yee, Ka-Ping      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1184  

Title:   Scalable Vector Media-processors for Embedded Systems 100
  Author(s):   Kozyrakis, Christoforos      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1183  

Title:   Metric Embeddings - Beyond One-dimensional Distortion 100
  Author(s):   Krauthgamer, Robert    Linial, Nathan    Magen, Avner      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1181  

Title:   Accurate Floating Point Summation 100
  Author(s):   Demmel, James    Hida, Yozo      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1180  

Title:   Characteristics of I/O Traffic in Personal Computer and Server Workloads 100
  Author(s):   Hsu, Windsor W.    Smith, Alan Jay      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1179  

Title:   Distributed Data Location in a Dynamic Network 100
  Author(s):   Hildrum, Kirsten    Kubiatowicz, John D.    Rao, Satish    Zhao, Ben Y.      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1178  

Title:   A Scalable and Robust Solution for Bandwidth Allocation 100
  Author(s):   Machiraju, Sridhar    Seshadri, Mukund    Stoica, Ion      
  Report ID:   CSD-02-1176  

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