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Title:   Routing as a Service 100
  Author(s):   Lakshminarayanan, Karthik    Stoica, Ion    Shenker, Scott      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1327  

Title:   Path-Sensitive Analysis for Linear Arithmetic and Uninterpreted Functions 100
  Author(s):   Gulwani, Sumit    Necula, George C.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1325  

Title:   Response Time as a Performability Metric for Online Services 100
  Author(s):   Broadwell, Peter M.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1324  

Title:   DuraNet: Energy-Efficient Durable Slot-Free Power Scheduling 100
  Author(s):   Tong, Terence    Molnar, David    Woo, Alec      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1323  

Title:   A Preliminary Report on the Embedded Virtual Machine 100
  Author(s):   Ghosal, Arkadeb    Sanvido, Marco A. A.    Henzinger, Thomas A.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1322  

Title:   Towards a Structured Underlay for Network Routing 100
  Author(s):   Caesar, Matthew    Castro, Miguel    Rowstron, Antony      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1321  

Title:   SCONE: A Tool to Estimate Shared Congestion Among Internet Paths 100
  Author(s):   Cui, Weidong    Machiraju, Sridhar    Katz, Randy H.    Stoica, Ion      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1320  

Title:   A Kernel-based Learning Approach to Ad Hoc Sensor Network Localization 100
  Author(s):   Nguyen, XuanLong    Jordan, Michael I.    Sinopoli, Bruno      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1319  

Title:   Radiance Caching and Local Geometry Correction 100
  Author(s):   Arikan, Okan    Forsyth, David A.    O'Brien, James F.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1318  

Title:   An Overlay MAC Layer for 802.11 Networks 100
  Author(s):   Rao, Ananth    Stoica, Ion      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1317  

Title:   Efficient Multi-Match Packet Classification with TCAM 100
  Author(s):   Yu, Fang    Katz, Randy H.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1316  

Title:   Light-Weight Instrumentation From Relational Queries Over Program Traces 100
  Author(s):   Goldsmith, Simon    O'Callahan, Robert    Aiken, Alex      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1315  

Title:   Memory Management with Use-Counted Regions 100
  Author(s):   Terauchi, Tachio    Aiken, Alex      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1314  

Title:   Continuous Query Processing with Real-Valued Functions 100
  Author(s):   Denny, Matthew    Franklin, Michael J.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1312  

Title:   GridDB: a Data-Centric Overlay for Scientific Grids 100
  Author(s):   Liu, David T.    Franklin, Michael J.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1311  

Title:   Learning the Behavior of Users in a Public Space through Video Tracking 100
  Author(s):   Yan, Wei    Forsyth, D. A.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1310  

Title:   DoS Defense in Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks 100
  Author(s):   Perlegos, Pete      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1309  

Title:   Finding User/Kernel Pointer Bugs With Type Inference 100
  Author(s):   Johnson, Rob    Wagner, David      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1308  

Title:   Fast Kernel Learning using Sequential Minimal Optimization 100
  Author(s):   Bach, Francis R.    Lanckriet, Gert R. G.    Jordan, Michael I.      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1307  

Title:   MultiChord: A Resilient Namespace Management Protocol 100
  Author(s):   Lynch, Nancy    Stoica, Ion      
  Report ID:   CSD-04-1306  

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