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Title:   Crowdsourced Rotoscoping 100
  Author(s):   Ye, Hanzhong      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-159  

Title:   NetApp Autosupport Analysis 100
  Author(s):   Da, Junwei      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-158  

Title:   Ballbot: A Low-Cost Robot for Tennis Ball Retrieval 100
  Author(s):   Wang, John      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-157  

Title:   Analysis of LED Technologies for Solid State Lighting Markets 100
  Author(s):   Hsieh, Cheng-Chih      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-156  

Title:   Impacting the Future of Diabetes Management 100
  Author(s):   Collingridge, Nathan      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-155  

Title:   Energy Harvesting for Wireless Power Monitoring - Implementing a Low Power, Low Data Rate Wireless Network (OpenWSN) 100
  Author(s):   Stanislowski, David      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-154  

Title:   Evaluation of Visible and Invisible Fiducial Markers for Clothing Tracking 100
  Author(s):   E, Siyu      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-153  

Title:   Outlet Power Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks 100
  Author(s):   Ellaboudy, Ameer      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-152  

Title:   Pulse Reading Mobile Application: Dr. Chi 100
  Author(s):   Fu, Tianyu      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-150  

Title:   HydraScope: Interaction and Application of Wall Sized Display 100
  Author(s):   Wu, Hong      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-149  

Title:   BayScope 100
  Author(s):   Jin, Yun      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-148  

Title:   Dr.Chi 100
  Author(s):   Yang, Yuan      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-147  

Title:   Low-Power Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Applications 100
  Author(s):   Xiao, Xiao      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-146  

Title:   Reinforcement Learning Methods to Enable Automatic Tuning of Legged Robots 100
  Author(s):   Tayson-Frederick, Mallory      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-145  

Title:   High Frequency Trading: Price Dynamics Models and Market Making Strategies 100
  Author(s):   Lu, Cheng      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-144  

Title:   Dr. Chi 100
  Author(s):   Peng, Xi      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-143  

Title:   Analysis of LED Technologies for Solid State Lighting Markets 100
  Author(s):   Wang, Guannan      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-142  

Title:   Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Networks 100
  Author(s):   Lee, Vincent      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-141  

Title:   Estimating and Reconstructing a T-Shirt’s Configuration into Simulation through Tracking Fiduciary Markers for the Purpose of Laundry Folding 100
  Author(s):   Zhao, Ruben      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-140  

Title:   Diabeats: Empowering Diabetics to Live Smartly 100
  Author(s):   Nagesh, Rohan      
  Report ID:   EECS-2012-139  

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